“Truth, covered in security”

Kurt Cobain: The evidence surrounding his death in April 1994

Fri April 1st

10.30pm: Kurt leaves L.A on flight to Seattle with Delta Airlines

Sat April 2nd

Kurt back in Seattle – seen by Duff McKagan on plane, Cali DeWitt (employed as live in nanny) with girlfriend Jessica Hopper and cab drivers

Kurt gets cab to 145th & Aurora and buys shotgun shells from Seattle Guns

Sun April 3rd

Various sightings:

Charles Peterson on a street downtown – Unknown time

Dinner & movie with a man and woman believed to be Caitlyn Moore

Mon April 4th

Courtney files missing persons report under Kurt’s mothers name

Cali has left Kurt’s house for the evening – To score / conspire?

Kurt spotted at Lindas Tavern around 11pm by Victoria Renard

Jessica hears footsteps around midnight – Kurt?

Tue April 5th

Cali to Jennifer Adamson’s – phone records show (love & death)

2.50pm: Tom Grant discovers someone is staying at the Western Evergreen under Bill Bailey, Kurt’s favorite alias. He offers to check it out, Courtney says don’t bother. Later she calls and says it’s not him – Love & Death (p.115) Was Courtney lying?

Caitlyn Moore denies seeing Kurt, after already telling two people she had seen him that night (seattle times)

Eric Erlandson sent to Seattle by Courtney – Did he supply the black tar heroin and shoot Kurt Cobain? Were Cali DeWitt and Eric Erlandson both in the greenhouse when Kurt died?

Motif: If Kurt divorces Courtney it may affect her reputation and Hole’s record sales.

Kurt died around this time of the week

Wed April 6th

Kurt is dead and Courtney allows Tom Grant to go to Seattle to continue search hoping Kurt’s body is discovered

Courtney calls electrician company to install security alarm on greenhouse

Jessica Hopper to Minneapolis

11.30pm: Tom Grant and Dylan Carlson begin search

Thu April 7th

2am: Dylan “House is so clean” with Tom Grant. Cleaned by maid?

Rohypnol found under mattress, they remove it

Day time: Courtney speaks to Dylan from her lawyers house and says “check greenhouse”

Courtney hospital/arrested – released in afternoon – to create alibi, hoping Tom Grant would discover body

4pm: Cali to airport from Kurt’s House – left fake note? Then to LA (confirmed in love and death)

9:45pm: Dylan & Tom return to Kurt’s house. Inside find a note from “Cali” which had been placed on the main stairway after Tom Grant was instructed to return to house by Courtney

Fri April 8th

Body discovered by electrician sent by Courtney to green house

Courtney, Rosemary, Frances, Jackie Farry and Eric Erlandson fly privately to Seattle. The Kurt Cobain estate is estimated to be worth $450M


A huge motif for murder here. Courtney wouldn’t be entitled to the estate if they were divorced because of a prenuptial agreement. Both Kurt and Courtney had contacted their lawyer and spoken about divorce. Kurt had asked to take Courtney out of his will, however the document was never signed. Kurt had stated to friends he was fearing for his life.

See timeline in more detail


If you haven’t read ‘Love and Death’ by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin, seen ‘Soaked in Bleach’ by Tom Grant or been to cobaincase.com they are highly recommended